Hiring Building Pathways & Operation Exit Pre-Apprentices

Over the last 12 months the BTEA, Board of Director Tom Steeves, T.J. McCartney along with input from labor, especially Jeff Sullivan, Painters & Allied Trades Business Manager, have been discussing avenues to work in and hire minority workers, engage in community activates, assist in the need for affordable housing and expand work opportunities. It has become evident that in working with Mayor Marty Walsh’s office to increase the union presence in the minority communities and support pre-apprentice programs, these two existing programs need the BTEA member’s support, “Building Pathways” and “Operation Exit”.

Building Pathways is a 6-week program designed to prepare qualified applicants for an apprenticeship in the building trades and a pathway to a rewarding career in construction. Operation Exit is a program out of the mayor’s office that trains at-risk men and women for careers in the building trades and also helps them rebuild their lives. There are numerous success stories from both programs and we are asking BTEA members to support these initiatives and hire some of these young talented applicants. Please contact your local apprenticeship and training funds for the opportunity to hire some of these candidates.

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