CRM Safety Training Reimbursement Notice

It has come to our attention that some of our members are unaware of our affiliation with Contractors Risk Management (CRM)CRM is one of the top construction safety consulting firms in all of New England.   Their staff specializes in assessing a company’s safety practices and procedures and providing recommendations and trainings to improve overall safety and minimize the risk of potential accidents or regulatory violations.

We have some funding available to supplement or reimburse our members for services related to safety education and training.

These services are:

1. Inspections – generally these are mock inspections similar to an OSHA inspection

• Job Site Inspections
• Shop Inspections – maintenance or fab shop inspections

2. Written Safety Programs – will work with clients to formalize safety procedures and programs

3. Training

• OSHA 30 Hour
• OSHA 10 Hour
• Competent Person Training
• Respirator Training
• MSHA Training
• HAZCOM Training
• Confined Space Training
• CPR/First Aid Training

CRM is ready and willing to provide the above services to our members.  Please contact us at 781-849-3220 or HERE if you wish to schedule a training or inquire about reimbursement.